The Challenge

CIO’s are typically asked to do more with less. Funding for new projects is constrained by monies already committed to supporting and maintaining past technology purchases. Left with no objective criteria to accurately determine what their hardware, software and services should truly cost at any given point in time, IT organizations have no tangible way to validate their spend or recover money that has already been spent.

The Solution

VPS’s clients benefit from reduced spend on their technology purchases and cost recovery for money that has already been spent.  VPS leverages its proprietary analytics and processes to ensure that their customers avoid spending any more money than they should be and make the most of their limited technology budgets. VPS accomplishes these outcomes while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships.


VPS built a predictive analytics tool – the Virtual Vendor Index (VVI™) – that measures the fully burdened cost for most of the pieces and parts that make up a data center throughout distribution. VVI is continually updated to reflect the everchanging nature of technology pricing, as are VPS’s proprietary processes for achieving all available savings. VPS’s success is grounded in VVI’s visibility into the actual cost of the technology being purchased, along with our keen insight on how best to successfully achieve that outcome for our clients.


VPS has successfully saved millions of dollars for our clients by reducing technology spend on net/new acquisitions after they had negotiated “best and final” proposals with their vendors. This cost reduction has been used to help fund their other and future initiatives. As with VPS’s spend recovery services, cost reduction is accomplished by leveraging our proprietary analytics (VVI™) and processes, while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships.


VPS has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients that they had already spent on previous technology purchases, typically on transactions made at least 18 months prior. This spend recovery has been used to help fund their current and future initiatives. As with VPS’s cost reduction services, cost recovery is accomplished by leveraging our proprietary analytics (VVI™) and processes, while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships.

What Our Clients are Saying

Turning Stone Casino/Baha Mar
Dan Garrow
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As a CIO at Turning Stone, VPS recovered a little less than $250k of money spent years before my arrival. As CIO at Bahamar, VPS was able to secure additional savings of 12%-14% on hardware and 19%-23% on software. VPS was able to accomplish these results while improving our vendor relationships because there as analytics are as effective as their process

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It was with much skepticism that we engaged Scott Robins and VPS. I mean, why would any manufacturer or VAR voluntarily refund money 14 months later after our purchase without changing the SLA? All I can say is that more than $600,000 of our spend in 2011 and 2012 has been returned to our 2014 budget. Moreover, our costs for new products has been 24% lower on average than what we would have spent without VPS.
Meritus Health
Ray Graye
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Prior to VPS, we used research organizations and GPO’s to measure our technology pricing. We have learned that compared to VPS, these methods are completely Ineffective.
Tahoe Forest Health District
Jake Dorst
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Had I not spent 30 minutes with Scott in October 2013, three people on my staff would have lost their jobs. He and the VPS team helped recover enough money from past purchases to fully fund these positions for 2015.
KY Trailer
Greg Bannen
VP of Technology
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I did not expect for VPS to be able to secure as much savings as they have for us, while maintaining positive vendor relationships. I can recommend VPS to any IT organization that is interested in savings money on exiting or new maintenance contracts and on new asset purchases.
Hannaford Brothers
Jeff Styles
VP of Technology
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VPS helped us recover more than $350,000 and also reduced the cost of net new product by an equal amount. My team was just as impressed that our Service Level Agreements for those items were not impacted in any way. When you are running towards liquidation every dollar saved and recovered is critical
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Heddie Tomlin
Director Supply Chain Managemen
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Over the past seven months, VPS saved us more than $1,000,000. When we calculate the impact of our lower maintenance costs for the next two years, the total cost reduction attributable to VPS is close to $2,000,000. It should be noted that these savings were not based on some esoteric or hypothetical reasoning, but derived from the calculated difference between the “best and final” quotes that we were given by the vendors and the cost that VPS negotiated on our behalf.
Delhaize of America
Scott Harrison
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While our organization possess experienced staff, they have come to rely on VPS’s analytics regarding actual product costs. VPS gain share model is exactly as Scott Robins initially described and my team has found that the only risk involved in working with BPS is not getting them involved early enough.

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With an average tenure of 14 years in my IT procurement group, we were all convinced there was nothing that VPS could teach us, nor any value they could add. After VPS recovered $83,000 on a transaction that we had executed 10 months previously, our team realized that we did not know as much as we could. Today, I can say that we simply cannot do what VPS does.

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