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Virtual Procurement Services is transforming the way companies purchase enterprise technology.  VPS is the only company that brings together advanced analytics and proprietary processes to help companies reduce the cost of new technology and recover money already spent.

Learn how VPS can revolutionize how you purchase technology.

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Make the most of your tech spend.

At the same time companies are accelerating their digital transformation, they are being forced to do more with less. Limited budgets and fewer resources lead to missed opportunities. The VPS team of experts can identify savings, negotiate pricing, and create new opportunities.

Have confidence in your pricing.

Organizations have no tangible way to validate their IT spend.  With VPS, you can be confident with your pricing and make decisions based on a full understanding of all involved factors.  If you have overspent on inflated contracts, VPS will help to recover that money.

Strengthen your sourcing process.

With smaller teams and less time to execute, companies can’t focus their time on procurement and end up with suboptimal purchasing processes and poor vendor management.  VPS provides clients with tools and best practices for effective procurement.

VPS can help.

We leverage our exclusive predictive analytics tool, experience-backed processes, and forward-thinking advisory & managed services to collaboratively recover and save money for our customers.


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Our approach is proven.

We combine advanced predictive analytics technology with our extensive experience to successfully navigate and reverse engineer the complicated and nuanced sales process to ensure our customers are getting the right price for their technology every time.
In addition, we offer our customers technology advisory services at no charge, so you get a 360-degree view of your IT department to fully optimize your technology spend and ultimately your business value.

Only VPS has VVI.

Virtual Vendor Index or VVI ™ is a predictive analytics tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to accurately determine the cost of an item throughout distribution.  Within hours of receiving a quote, VVI determines  if and when there will be savings.
VVI calculates fair market pricing based on input from over 20 publicly available data points. VVI is continuously refreshed with new sales and technology data to further increase its accuracy.
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Our processes work.

Leveraging our deep experience, we developed processes that give us unmatched insight into vendor pricing programs, discount tools, and compensation models, which helps us reduce clients’ spend to the true cost that we have identified.
Our processes are a foundational tenet of VPS, and every service delivery team member follows them diligently.

We have an expert team ready to assist.

Senior-level executives are available to provide additional cost-savings insight, from IT strategy to sourcing to support.  These advisory services are offered at no additional charge while you are an active client.
Via managed services, VPS can provide additional support to your procurement team whenever needed.

Our pricing is simple.

The last thing you need to worry about is more pricing complexity!

Gain-Share model

We only charge for savings we tangibly achieve. It's really that simple.


If we don't achieve savings or you elect not to utilize them, there is no charge.

Advisory included

Advisory and educational services are no charge for current customers.

Are you ready to revolutionize your technology procurement?

There is no risk in engaging VPS today for all of your procurement needs.

We only charge fees for savings we tangibly achieve.

It’s your decision on every savings opportunity.

Vendor relationships remain intact or improved.

We always work within your established timelines.