“IT organizations are constantly tasked to do more with less.  The funds for new projects are being spent supporting and maintaining prior technology purchases. Unless you are a VPS client, there is no objective way for an IT organization to determine if they have paid too much for prior technology purchases or if they are continuing to over-spend on new purchases.”

Reasons that companies overspend include:

  • No data to derive true market-competitive rates.
  • Competing vendor compensation models.
  • Budget-driven buying approaches.
  • Subjective ROI assumptions.

Scott Robins started his career in technology sales for a value-added reseller, and quickly rose to the top of each sales team he worked for. While always looking for creative ways to deliver more value to his customers, Robins suggested to a client that he could recover money already spent and use this to fund a new acquisition. Upon finding success with this approach, Robins stepped away from his sales role, knowing he could do much more for companies if he focused and refined this new business model.

In 2009, Mr. Robins founded Virtual Procurement Services with the sole purpose of providing two services: 

        • Recovering money previously spent in and around the datacenter, and
        • Reducing costs for net/new technology purchases.

Unlike traditional buying services or Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s), VPS’s success is grounded on knowing the manufactures and publishers fully burdened costs throughout distribution.  These costs are derived by VPS’s proprietary predictive analytics tool, the Virtual Vendor Index (VVI™).  VVI leverages 21 critical pricing criteria data-points, and it is continually updated to capture the ever-changing price of technology today. As importantly, VPS has visibility into the complex vendor pricing programs and discount pools, and the keen insight on how to leverage that to achieve savings on our clients’ behalf.

"VVI makes it much easier to understand if we have been getting the great pricing that our salespeople brag about."

VPS Client

"These are not flimflam savings. VPS is only measured by the reduction of costs only after my team has negotiated the best possible deal they can. I simply do not have any other vendor whose success is so easily quantified."

VPS Client

Sounds too good to be true!

Despite the success VPS has had with saving over 450 clients an average of 23% – while only charging fees for savings they actually achieved – there are many skeptics.

One of the biggest hurdles that VPS faced in engaging prospective clients was overcoming doubts about the promised outcomes and concerns over the continuing health of their vendor relationships.

Another challenge was ensuring a good cultural fit between VPS service delivery staff and the client’s team responsible for IT expenditures.  It should be noted that VPS is not a sales-focused organization, and most of our clients have come through referrals.  As a commitment to “putting our money where our mouth is”, VPS has a clause in our MSA stating that clients can elect not to pay any given invoice without cause, making it a truly no-risk proposition.

The Team: Only the Best

To reach this level of success, there is always a hardworking and dedicated team working collectively towards a common goal.  At VPS, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver your game-changing services. Nearly all of VPS’s 45 employees have close to two decades of experience in the technology sales ecosystem.  The work that VPS does has brought real, calculable, and immediate results to our clients.  The recruitment process is extremely rigorous, and only the best is selected to join the team.  VPS provides an extensive training program for our service delivery staff, including a period of shadowing a senior  manager and an elongated mentorship to ensure their unfailing adherence to best practices. 

VPS’s Community Outreach

In addition to working with the 2019 National Champion Women’s Soccer team from The University of Bridgeport  women’s soccer program for the last 10 years Mr. Robins sits on several boards, including The Jamestown Foundation, whose mission is to inform and educate policy makers and the broader community about events and trends in those societies which are strategically or tactically important to the United States and which frequently restrict access to such information. Utilizing indigenous and primary sources, Jamestown’s material is delivered without political bias, filter or agenda. It is often the only source of information which should be, but is not always, available through official or intelligence channels, especially regarding Eurasia and terrorism.

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