The Challenge

CIO’s are typically asked to do more with less. Funding for new projects is constrained by monies already committed to supporting and maintaining past technology purchases. Left with no objective criteria to accurately determine what their hardware, software and services should truly cost at any given point in time, IT organizations have no tangible way to validate their spend or recover money that has already been spent.

The Solution

VPS’s clients benefit from reduced spend on their technology purchases and cost recovery for money that has already been spent.  VPS leverages its proprietary analytics and processes to ensure that their customers avoid spending any more money that they should be and make the most of their limited technology budgets. VPS accomplishes these outcomes while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships.

Ensure that you do not pay any more than you need to for your technology. Through our partnership with TribalValue, you will now have access to analytic pricing reports for every IT purchase at no charge.

John Torres, with over 25 years of technology sales and sourcing experience, leads VPS’s service delivery team dedicated to our tribal gaming clients. John and VPS will ensure that your technology spend has been optimized, while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships.  It is not “too good to be true!”

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